Interconnect all your applications and master your flows

Automate your business processes
You got many tools and softwares that do not interact with each other, involving complex and poorly optimized workflows, and employees spent time on tasks without added value.

It is possible to establish communication between your different software, allowing them to automatically exchange documents, data and follow a process flow.

Connect your Business software to all of your other tools, such as accounting, Electronic Document Management (EDM), Microsoft 365, Human Resources Information System, CRM, internal management, time tracking, server, artificial intelligence (AI), website, and many more.
Connect Flexflow to your needs
Flexflow supports connectivity to any API, database, FTP server or other...
All kind of authentication methods are implemented* (Oauth2, Basic, Digest, API keys, etc...)
Every protocols (TCP, UDP) and every data structures (Json, Xml, Url encoded, etc...)
* If an authentication method you need doesn't exists in our catalog
we provide it for free in less than 5 business day
Make the impossible possible!
Thanks to our OCR Robot Click combined with FlexFlow, it is now possible to overcome the absence of API and connect to any software or website to automate data retrieval or actions' execution.

With FlexFlow, the possibilities are endless, imagine the ideal process for your business, and we will make it happen.

Whether it's collecting information, performing complex operations, or synchronizing data between different platforms (software, websites, servers...), we can make it happen.
Monitor, Correct and Optimize your flows in real time!
The difficulty with APIs is the uncertainty of whether they worked or failed, and when a failure is identified, it is often difficult to pinpoint the source of the problem.
FlexFlow allows you to be alerted in real time in the event of an error, to have complete visibility of malfunctions, and in 1 click to display the part of the code in error.
You can execute or re-execute either an entire process or only the selected action.
FlexFlow also allows you to carry out a vox flow audit by filtering them according to 9 criteria.
This supervision allows you to monitor each process execution, act proactively and save considerable time.
Very simple to use
You've never connected your backend to APIs, FTP servers or databases as simply and quickly as with Flexflow.
Defining your processes, manipulating your data or publishing your own APIs is child's play.

Creating a connector, importing a Swagger or WSDL file, or manually configuring service calls is very simple.
The processes orchestrating different operations are drawn up in “drag and drop”.
Daily production management is simplified (relaunch activities or processes in 2 clicks)
A tool to manage your migration
Whether you want to migrate your entire information system
or simply replace one application brick with another,
Flexflow helps you transform your data models to
make it compatible with your new tools.

You have the ability to perform a smooth migration between two software programs by letting them run simultaneously. This helps ease the transition and gives you the opportunity to test all processes and train all of your employees before decommissioning the previous application.
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